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Hyperfall (Remixed)
Catalogue Number
Release Date
May 10, 2019

Finnish DJ and producer Otto Yliperttula (aka Yotto) caught our imaginations alight with his stellar debut album ‘Hyperfall’ last September, charting as a No. 1 Dance/Electronic album on Billboard and earning support from Annie Mac, Pete Tong, Danny Howard, Eric Prydz, and many other heavyweights in the dance world. The next chapter sees an acclaimed host of producers add their own sound to the ‘Hyperfall’ story.

‘Hear Me Out’ receives separate remixes from Mobilee Records head Anja Schneider and Berlin producer Kevin de Vries to open proceedings. Schneider incorporates the sublime vocals of Laudic to full effect over a driving bass groove, whilst De Vries’s adapts the original’s bright melodies to his characteristic techno style.

German artists Monkey Safari and Ruede Hagelstein build on Yotto’s original brooding arrangement for ‘Turn It Around’ in contrasting fashions; Monkey Safari adding a trademark sunshine sheen of bubbly arpeggios, while Ruede Hagelstein’s ‘Rise Again’ remix places mechanised vocoders atop a menacing bassline.

‘Kantsu’ receives a minimal reinterpretation from Parisian electro artist Chloé, while SØNIN captures the understated euphoria of ‘The One You Left Behind’ through an inventive club re-work.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Hear Me Out (Anja Schneider Remix) Yotto feat. Sønin & Laudic 3:24 Buy
  2. 2 Hear Me Out (Kevin de Vries Remix) Yotto feat. Sønin & Laudic 4:04 Buy
  3. 3 Turn It Around (Monkey Safari Remix) Yotto 3:46 Buy
  4. 4 Kantsu (Chloe Remix) Yotto 4:35 Buy
  5. 5 Turn It Around (Ruede Hagelstein's Rise Again Remix) Yotto 3:54 Buy
  6. 6 The One You Left Behind (SØNIN Remix) Yotto feat. Vök 4:38 Buy
  7. 7 The One You Left Behind (Yotto's Mirage Mix) Yotto feat. Vök 4:50 Buy
  8. 8 Hear Me Out (Anja Schneider Extended Mix) Yotto feat. Sønin & Laudic 7:44 Buy
  9. 9 Hear Me Out (Kevin de Vries Extended Mix) Yotto feat. Sønin & Laudic 6:38 Buy
  10. 10 Turn It Around (Monkey Safari Extended Mix) Yotto 7:56 Buy
  11. 11 Kantsu (Chloe Extended Mix) Yotto 6:56 Buy
  12. 12 Turn It Around (Ruede Hagelstein's Extended Rise Again Mix) Yotto 7:54 Buy
  13. 13 The One You Left Behind (SØNIN Extended Mix) Yotto feat. Vök 7:32 Buy
  14. 14 The One You Left Behind (Yotto's Extended Mirage Mix) Yotto feat. Vök 8:18 Buy


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