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Andrew Bayer
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28 października 2022
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    Szacowana data wydania: 31 marca 2023

Introducing ‘Duality’, the new double album from Andrew Bayer.

Two musical threads weave through the collected works of Andrew Bayer. One thread gave us the downtempo masterclass of 2013’s ‘If It Were You We’d Never Leave’ and the brilliant 'In My Last Life' LP. The other thread produced arena-sized anthems like 2014’s ‘Once Lydian’, his epic 'Super Human' with Asbjørn and the club remix project 'In My Next Life'.

From the introspective to the explosive, these records are our community’s shared soundtrack: we’ve all got a favourite Andrew Bayer record. But they have come in so many forms and styles.

It leaves us asking the question, who exactly is Andrew Bayer? It’s a question he’s asked himself.

“Since day one, I have always struggled with how to present myself. I love making these experimental home listening albums of electronica and indie sounds, but I also love DJing and making trance bangers. On my last album I had to remix the album in full after it was released to make the worlds fit. This time around I wanted to capture all the breadth, depth and tension within that duality under one single project” - Andrew Bayer

‘Duality’ brings these two creative threads together under one album for the first time since his debut album 'It's Artificial'.

Crafted over three years, Bayer is joined by an eclectic cast of collaborators old and new. ‘Duality’ pt. 1 explores Bayer’s passion for downtempo and indie-pop, while ‘Duality’ pt. 2 takes on his forward-thinking trance and progressive sond. Both are tied by Bayer's unique vision, a shared sensibility and same group of collaborators.

‘Duality’ is the true follow up to my first album ‘It’s Artificial’. It is by far my most raw and honest work, and I can’t wait to celebrate the album around the world with you all on tour” - Andrew Bayer

‘Duality’ is out now. Pre-order the full album on 3x12 vinyl now via the Anjuna Music Store.

Lista utworów

Disc 1

  1. 1 No Silence Andrew Bayer & Vök 6:37 Kup

    No Silence

  2. 2 Speed Of Light Andrew Bayer & Dave Thomas Junior 6:56 Kup

    Speed Of Light

  3. 3 Take Me Home Andrew Bayer, MOR & Grandfather Machine 4:38 Kup

    Take Me Home

  4. 4 American Boy Andrew Bayer & Asbjørn 4:32 Kup

    American Boy

  5. 5 Chaos Andrew Bayer & Run Rivers 5:23 Kup


  6. 6 Matriarch Andrew Bayer & Red Dragons 3:43 Kup


  7. 7 Under Pressure Andrew Bayer & OLAN 6:58 Kup

    Under Pressure

  8. 8 4/15/10 11:15 AM - Volcano Andrew Bayer 1:44 Kup

    4/15/10 11:15 AM - Volcano

  9. 9 Thank You For Being With Us Andrew Bayer 1:42 Kup

    Thank You For Being With Us

  10. 10 Equal Andrew Bayer & Asbjørn 5:21 Kup


Disc 2

  1. 1 Midnight Andrew Bayer & Alison May 8:00 Kup


  2. 2 DNA Andrew Bayer & Red Dragons 6:37 Kup


  3. 3 Greater Chances Andrew Bayer & OLAN 7:13 Kup

    Greater Chances

  4. 4 On Tape Andrew Bayer 6:48 Kup

    On Tape

  5. 5 I Would Andrew Bayer, Alison May & Grandfather Machine 4:06 Kup

    I Would

  6. 6 Break The Rules Andrew Bayer & Kaleena Zanders 6:55 Kup

    Break The Rules

  7. 7 Let Go Andrew Bayer 5:38 Kup

    Let Go

  8. 8 What Is Real Andrew Bayer & Vök 8:22 Kup

    What Is Real

  9. 9 If You Loop It, They Will Come Andrew Bayer 5:29 Kup

    If You Loop It, They Will Come

  10. 10 Pulse Andrew Bayer & OLAN 5:43 Kup


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Andrew Bayer

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