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…like butterfly wings
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Lyndsie Alguire
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October 17, 2022

Montréal based audiovisual artist, classically trained pianist and prolific producer, Lyndsie Alguire makes music that’ll soundtrack your dreams, and her latest album ‘…like butterfly wings’ is testament to that. Alguire’s debut release on Anjuna’s Reflections imprint highlights her uncanny ability to turn a feeling into song form, with the 11-track album rooted in nature and childhood innocence.

Lyndsie self-released her first album in 2013. It’s called ‘Suspended In Light’ and feels more raw and textured than her latest releases but has that same ethereal glow. She’s self-released an album pretty much every year since then, with some more percussion-heavy, others big on melody, others leading with synth. Each one is connected by the same innocent thread, and her hope is that people will re-connect with the naivety of childhood when they listen to her music.

‘…like butterfly wings’ is Lyndsie’s 9th album and her first label release. It’s fresh like a breeze and free of beats, with tracks structured around a handful of piano notes so expertly placed they sound alight with power.

This album is rooted in the beauty and mystique of nature, and Alguire lets the music inform the track names which is why they read like poetry. The first single on the album, ‘through the boughs of the garden’, is out now.

…like butterfly wings is out now on Reflections.

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 equal on both sides... 1:40 Buy

    equal on both sides...

  2. 2 harbour 4:32 Buy


  3. 3 stolen kiss 1:42 Buy

    stolen kiss

  4. 4 through the boughs of the garden 4:06 Buy

    through the boughs of the garden

  5. 5 your fall will be broken by the roof of heaven 7:19 Buy

    your fall will be broken by the roof of heaven

  6. 6 what dream is this 3:43 Buy

    what dream is this

  7. 7 with only the moon to catch us 2:17 Buy

    with only the moon to catch us

  8. 8 honey sun 8:56 Buy

    honey sun

  9. 9 angels on the outside 5:35 Buy

    angels on the outside

  10. 10 empty arms 3:01 Buy

    empty arms

  11. 11 ( butterfly wings) 3:50 Buy

    ( butterfly wings)

Lyndsie Alguire

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